Jeri D. Beckford, J.D.

Equal Rights Investigators and Contract Compliance Analysts, LLC, is referred to by its acronym ERICCA.  ERICCA is a diversity, inclusion and equity (DIE) program design firm operated by its owner, Jeri D. Beckford. 


Jeri began her DIE programming career over 12 years ago at the oldest civil rights agency in America - The Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO).  During her tenure at CHRO, Jeri was tasked with rebuilding and redesigning the State of Connecticut’s Contract Compliance (a.k.a. Supplier Diversity) Program.  This state mandated program has since expanded to include municipalities. 


Although Jeri loved her employment at CHRO, it was at this juncture of her civil rights advocacy career where Jeri realized a lack of cost-effective resources available to employers when it came to custom designing their own internal DIE programs.  Jeri’s idea for ERICCA was therefore born.  It wasn’t until 2016, however, that Jeri made ERICCA official.


In addition to coaching private and public employers in how to design, implement and manage their own internal DIE program consistent with federal, state, and other regulatory mandates; ERICCA also provides dynamic and interactive training workshops.  ERICCA’s workshops are engaging and never dry, so attendees walk away with a clear understanding of their responsibilities as employers, employees, and contractors under the employer’s identified DIE initiatives. 

Certified in mediation and negotiation techniques, Title IX, and in the investigation of workplace discrimination complaints, Jeri has mediated and investigated (as an independent finder-of-fact) over 200 employee-initiated discrimination complaints - including disability and sexual harassment  complaints.  Her continued success as a DIE program designer is Jeri’s plain-language approach when coaching employers in understanding that proactive DIE initiatives is one of the best strategic moves an organization can make to protect itself and its employees.

Jeri holds a Juris Doctor from Quinnipiac University School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (with a Criminology emphasis) from the University of Denver.  In her spare time Jeri enjoys traveling with her family to her childhood home in Denver, Colorado.