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Jeri D. Beckford, J.D.

Ms. Beckford began her extensive career in diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging programming for public and private employers over 16 years ago. Beginning with Ms. Beckford successfully redesigning, revitalizing, and overseeing the implementation and enforcement of the State of Connecticut’s dormant contract compliance/supplier diversity statues.   

Ms. Beckford was employed at the Connecticut Commission on Human Right and Opportunities (CHRO), which is Connecticut's equivalent of the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). At CHRO, Ms. Beckford become versed in the interpretation, applicability, and enforcement of federal and state employment discrimination laws and regulatory mandates. 

Ms. Beckford continues her extensive career in civil rights advocacy working within the State of Connecticut's larger executive branch agencies as a diversity, equity, and belonging program manager, policy analyst, trainer, objective mediator, and investigator of employee-initiated discrimination complaints - just to name a few hats that she wears.

When not proactively tackling discrimination and harassment in the workplace, Ms. Beckford can be found vacationing with her family at her childhood home located in Denver, Colorado. 

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